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Install Required Plugins

The basic WordPress theme package  contains the core PHP and CSS code for the theme, which includes the logo and built-in plugins. However, each theme’s demo also uses external plugins that are required if you’re going to match the demo layout and get the most from your theme.

Each theme is different, and the plugins you need to install will change depending on the theme’s focus. For example, a News-focused theme will certainly need our News Show article-display plugin, but it’s not going to have much use of an ecommerce solution like WooCommerce. Similarly, an ecommerce site will need WooCommerce, but it won’t have much use for BuddyPress, which is a social network plugin.

Our developers have worked hard to simplify the installation process, so they take advantage of WordPress functionality to include an easy install option for all of a theme’s required plugins.

After activating theme you will get notice to install required plugin. It will looks like bellow but list can be different

Just click on begin installing plugin and it will take you to the required plugin installation page where you will get list of required plugin to run the theme properly. You need to install and active the plugins.

Required Plugins: Listed in Screenshot below

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